McDonald, Jack (Forthcoming - 2016) Enemies Known and Unknown: Targeted Killings in America’s Transnational War, Hurst & Co./OUP.

Gearson, John; Dover, Robert; McDonald, Jack; Ingham, Sarah; Shaw, Andrew and Stephenson, Alexander (2011) “The HERO Review: Harnessing Efficiencies, Rethinking Outcomes: The Future of the Defence Estate” London: The Centre for Defence Studies

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Under Review

Dover, Rob and McDonald, Jack (Article) “Homes for Heroes? Assessing the Impact of the UK’s Military Covenant”

McDonald, Jack (Article) “Targeted Killings, International Law and the Constitution of War”

McDonald, Jack (Book Chapter) “Autonomous Weapons or Autonomous Agents? Distributed Agency and Military Ethics”

McDonald, Jack (Book Chapter) “Blind Justice? The Problem of Distinction in Electronic Attacks”

Working Papers

McDonald, Jack, “A Very British Killing: Anglo-American Justifications for Targeted Killings”

McDonald, Jack, “Individuated Warfare and Permissible Patterns of Life”

Research Grants

RCUK Global Uncertainties Science and Security Programme Grant: SNT Really Makes Reality: Technological Innovation, Non-Obvious Warfare and the Challenges to International Law (ESRC Ref: ES/K011413/1).

Past Papers

“The ‘Drone Debate’ and Autonomy” Marine Autonomous Systems Conference, QinetiQ Portsmouth, Oct. 2014

“Cyber and Ambiguous Warfare” Foreign & Commonwealth Academic Seminar, London, Sept. 2014

“Law and the British Armed Forces” Armed Forces & Society Seminar, Bristol, Sept 2014

“Innovation, Intelligence and Challenges to International Law” International Intelligence Director’s Course, Shrivenham, July 2014

“Autonomous Weapons: Agency and State Obligations” International Law Association, British Branch Conference, April 2014

“Innovation, Law & Society” Executive Development Programme, Brunei, October 2013

“Technology and Targeted Killings” International Intelligence Director’s Course, London, July 2014

Book Reviews

McDonald Jack (2013) Review of Mark Mazzetti “The Way of the Knife: The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War at the Ends of the Earth” and Jeremy Scahill “Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield”, The RUSI Journal, Vol. 158, Issue 6, pp. 103-4.