War and Warfare 2021-22

Hi, this is a page to stick together all the readings for the additional sessions on “How War Works”. Sessions 1 and 2 took place in December. Session 3 will take place at 6pm on the first week of term 2, sessions 4-7 will take place as a block on the wednesday afternoon of the second week of term.


  • HMG. The Integrated Review (114 pages): link
  • HMG. Defence in a Competitive Age (76 pages): link
  • HMG. JDP 0-01 UK Defence Doctrine, 5th ed. (83 pages): link
  • David Jordan et al. Understanding Modern Warfare, Chapters 4-15 (300 pages, but a very easy read): link
  • Nicholas Drummond, State of the Union Summary of British Defence Priorities (blog post that gives an overview of different defence issues) link

Sessions and Slides

  1. Defence and the Integrated Review | slides
  2. Defence Organisation | slides
  3. Modern Warfare | [slides]
  4. Iraq 2003 | [slides]
  5. Remote Warfare and the Anti-ISIS Campaign | [slides]
  6. Confrontation in the South China Sea | [slides]
  7. Ukraine and “Hybrid Warfare” | [slides]